770days: comic books


Comic books are one of my most favoured mediums.  I love the blend of words and art.  I love superheroics, but also the fantasy (modern or otherwise), horror, adventure, espionage, science fiction, and other genres that you can find all over the place.

However, this isn't where I'll be talking about what I like.  You'd do better to find that sort of information over at my personal page

Instead, this page will link to various comic projects I'm working on, or have completed.

completed projects

Smiley's Story is a project I came up with for the animal shelter I work for.  Written in 2004, illustrated in 2005 by John Miller, it remains unpublished.  It was shopped around for a couple indy press compilations, to no avail.  At this point, I'm considering self-publishing it as a promotional publication for the shelter. 

Not yet completed projects

Through the Looking Glass - taking established properties and putting my own spin on things. 

My take on DC Comics' One Year Later - just a few ideas of how I would have done things. 

Category: Scripts is my page linking to a variety of short scripts.  Most of these were done while participating in Scryptic Studios, back in 2004-2005.  Some will be newer than that. 

Futhark: Power of the Runes is a modern fantasy story that I've had kicking around my head for many years.  It has constantly evolved into something far greater than it originally was.  In a nutshell, it's the tale of a young soldier, recently returned from the conflict in Iraq, to discover that his grandfather isn't insane for claiming that he was a Viking warrior.  It gets wackier from there.

Messiah is a sacrilegious tale about an man not allowed to die and his efforts to save mankind for evil forces.  Another modern fantasy, heavy on the fantastic, this is the story of Jason Carteris, a man who cannot die until he is forgiven.

last updated: 7/19/08