futhark: power of the runes

The story of Sean Bjorn O'Brien, a veteran of the Iraqi conflict, who discovers that magic is real when he is thrust into a different life.  His grandfather, who claims to be a Viking warrior who was frozen in ice and thawed out by the Nazis in the Second World War, turns out not to be senile, but exactly what he claims to be. 

Sean goes on a mission to collect some magical rune stones, stones that give him great powers.  But some stones are held by others who don't want to give them up.  Some of the stones are lost from memory.  And some of the stones don't want to be found. 

Add to that The Banality, a mysterious force that doesn't want the magic stones to be found, reawakened, and it's not going to be an easy fight. 

Futhark is a mystical adventure with superheroic sensibilities. 

Futhark is an ongoing series that will have an ending, one day.