one year later, 770days style...

Well, this isn't any sort of thing that I expect to go anywhere.  In fact, I guess it's borderline fanfic, which as a rule, I tend to disparage with great vehemence.  Because I can, yo.  But rules were meant to be broken, so I guess this is how I do that. 

In a nutshell, this is my take on how I would have handled the end of INFINITE CRISIS and the ONE YEAR LATER jump.  This will be a work in progress, though not a priority, as I said - it's not like I can turn this into anything... but it's fun and I think it's a way to show off some of my creativity, and how I can work within an established canon. 

The biggest change, off the bat, would have been the reformation of the multiverse; like DC did with 52, we'd start small, but even smaller than they did.  3 Earths, not 52.  Earth-1 (which would be, more or less, the Earth we've known for a while.)  Earth-2 would be the JSA Earth, with some pretty major changes here and there.  And Earth-3... would be the Crime Syndicate Earth... but taken more seriously, more darker.  Think about it.  A world without superheroes... the possibilities for some seriously whacked shit are endless...

Launching from that platform, we'd reset the entire DCU line of comics.  Each one below would start with #1. 


Superman: So, I'm not sure what exactly is happening in the DCU, but I know Clark is w/o powers. Obviously, this is some effect of Infinite Crisis, but then again, maybe not.

In MY Superman: OYL storyline... there is no Superman. Clark Kent is still a reporter for the Daily Planet, and happily married to Lois.

There is a group, a trio, called The Supermen.

Basically, something happened during the year jump - this wouldn't be a direct result of IC. (Now, I know part of the IC thing is that the Big Three - Bats, Supes, Diana - have all been missing/gone/whatever for the past year. I'm pretty much ignoring that.) Supes was around after IC. Things were getting back to (what passes for) normal (in the life of a superhero).

Then, Luthor decided he wanted to strip Supes of his powers. So, a plan was hatched, but before Luthor could get the job done, a couple heroes showed up - Nightwing and Robin. A battle ensued, and Luthor's device fired on the helpless Superman, but a young technician, a young woman by the name of Lena Loomis, couldn't bring herself to let it happen, so she sabotaged the machine as it was in the midst of stripping The Man of Steel's powers. There was a large explosion... and from the rubble, The Supermen stepped forward - Nightwing and Robin and Lena, each with superhuman flight, strength and toughness. Plus, Lena has Super-breath/Heat Vision, Robin has Superspeed, and Nightwing has the hearing/vision powers. Clark was fine, except for having lost his powers, and Luthor was believed (mu ah ah ah) to be dead.

Of course, he's not. He was injured, and is healing... but he's been changed. He'll be the new Kryptonite Man - his body is a battery, much like Superman's... but instead of storing sunlight, he stores krytponite radiation. He feeds on it. And he's becoming more powerful... and needs more Kryptonite to stay alive. Being that Kryptonite is relatively scarce, he's had to synthesise it, but it'll have dangerous side effects.

But, he's figured out, that a massive Kryptonian DNA transfer might do the trick, permanently.

So, can the Supermen defeat the desperate and mad and very powerful Lex Luthor?


The Batman: Ok, we're not sticking to the "Big Three Haven't Been Around" schtick at all. 

Bats has been around. He's been on a total one man war against crime - especially after Dick and Tim become part of The Supermen. And he's losing. 

The war. The battle. His mind. 

He doesn't live in Wayne Manor. He lives below the streets, attended to by a small society of homeless/street people, who have become his spy network, his eyes and ears, and his family. Some even include former enemies - Killer Croc is one of his agents (though the big man seems a lot more docile - The Batman insists that everyone follows his rules, including no killing.)

The Batman and his 'children' are on the run from the law, but they still defeat the baddies, and leave them trussed up for the law.

And, in a hospital in Gotham, in a coma, there lies a man. A man by the name of Bruce Wayne.

The Batman, you'll see, is none other than Jason Todd (yes, this may ignore total parts of the story behind Jason's return from the dead - I'm not sure the details of that, so lah de dah).

    * Killer Croc - Once of Bats' recurring foes, he is now the personal enforcer of The Batman's will. He's also been lobotomized. But, by whom?


TEEN TITANS: Stealing a direct line from the real DCU's OYL, Victor Stone wakes up one year after the Infinite Crisis. He's been out of commission the whole time. Who only knows what has happened since then - hell, he doesn't even know where he is.

Titans Tower is gone, destroyed either during the Crisis or events in the following year. So, he doesn't even wake up in a familiar place. We set it up so the reader, and Vic for sure, think he's in some villains lair.

So the first issue is Vic vs all the Titans he doesn't know, and then at the end, one familiar face showing up.

And none of this Gar going back to Doom Patrol stuff - it was stupid in the cartoon, it's stupid now. Gar - Changeling, not Beast Boy, thankyouveryfuckingmuch - belongs with the Titans.

Now, who are the Teen Titans, you ask?

* I like the idea of a new Hawk and Dove - so we'll put them in. Maybe shake up their powers and stuff.

* Ravager. You gotta love Deathstroke's brat being in the Titans. It was cool with Jericho, it's cool again. So that's another thing we'll lift from the real comic.

* Cascade - this young lady's an Atlantean. But she doesn't swim fast and talk to fishies, she does more 'n that. She's a friggin' sorceress. One of the last, one who managed to survive Spectre's boot. Oh, and she's just a sorceress-in-training, not a full fledged, wiggle her finger and change the world sorceress.

* Illumination - this young Arabic girl (hey, the DCU needs a good Islamic heroine) has powers of light. Her powers, at least so she believes, come from Allah. We'd prolly cop out and have her come from one of the imaginary DCU countries like Qurac or whatever, but hey. Qurac's cool. And it'd be a way for me to bring Khamsin into the DCU if I were really doing this. (Though I hope one day to have him in a comic of my own.)

And their leader? None other than Changeling.

The big mystery is what happened to the rest of the Titans? Robin, we know about. But what about Wonder Girl, Starfire, Raven, and whomever else?

The Outsiders:

This comic would be one-part Exiles and one-part characters out for theirselves.

For whatever reason (and that'd be the mystery of the comic... not sure what the answer is just yet), when the multiverse was recreated the members of this team were not reintegrated into continuity. They do not exist as far as anyone else remembers, or as far as history is concerned.


* Captain Atom

* Kid Flash (Impulse)

(more to come)

Green Lantern Corps:

The Green Lantern Corps title will focus on two seperate spheres:

1) Hal Jordan, living on Oa, and heading the GL Corps. These stories will focus on the scifi side of DCU - The Omega Men, Lobo, Darkstars, Manhunters, whomever else, plus lots of new ones. Why has Hal left Earth? Was it just because someone needed to head up the Corps?

2) Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and even Kyle Rayner (Ion) - the GLs of Earth. Their stories fighting supervillains and extra-terrestial threats... and, yes, even each other. Guy's really hard to get along with all the time, you know. In the past year, Guy and John have had a big falling out (big surprise there) and Kyle is the only liaison between them. What happens when he's summoned by Hal to help out with a big problem in space, and John and Guy have to work together?

Task Force X:

Amanda Waller runs (once again) Task Force X. Checkmate, the govt agency, ostensibly oversees it, but we all know who's in power.

Task Force X is a govt team - not quite the Suicide Squad of the past, but not too far from it. It's the team the feds send to do what needs to be done. There are some heroes on it, some villains, and some who fall between the cracks.


* Bronze Tiger

* The Atom

* Captain Cold

(more to come, obviously) 


My first thought was to somehow have the JSAers "rejuvenated" into younger versions of their selves, so we didn't have to have 90ish year old characters running around.

But, then, I thought... no, why not have a JSA title, in a flip format? One half would be WW2-era tales of the JSA (maybe with a rotating creative team per arc?) and the other half of the comic would be the modern-day JSA.

But then, I came up with a better idea - See OYL-Wonder Woman and the JSA for details.

So, of course that brings the question, "Who's on E-1, and who's on E-2, Terry?"

And that's a damn good question. Which is a lot more work than I care to put into this little project, b/c it'll never go anywhere.

So, long story short - the new JSA would be:

* Hourman (I believe there is a new one in continuity already, whom I know nothing about, but mine would have time-related powers)

* Doctor Midnight (would have to look at the "current" one, not sure their story/powers, I'd prolly get funky-creative with it)

* Starman (not sure remotely what's going on with this dude)

* Mercury (a descendent of Jay Garrick - grand-daughter?)

* Power Girl - Kara's from Krypton again... but this time, SHE'S the last Kryptonian, or at least the only one on Earth-2.

* Captain Marvel - because my Earth-2... no Superman. He died, after all, in the Infinite Crisis. Earth-1 gets Supes, so Earth-2 gets The Big Red Cheese.

Spirit of Vengeance:

Ok, in a fairly over-rated miniseries called Day of Vengeance (c'mon, it was nothing more than a plot device disguised as a story - a cleaning up of the magic side of DC - and here, I thought Infinite Crisis was the washing machine), The Spectre went on a rampage and got played by a woman - that's right, even God's Angel of Retribution thinks with his cock. Great.

Anyhow, let's go with what happened. As a result, he got bound to a mortal, once again.

Excuse me? Big Bad went on a rampage and did Some Major Bad Things and he gets the Thor treatment? Come the fuck on!

No, that won't happen in Terry's DCU, nonono.

This happens instead.

Spirit of Vengeance would be an ongoing series, with rotating creative teams. Each story arc would be by one set team, running 1-6 issues in length, as appropriate. Each story would cover a person who needed vengeance, and The Spectre being sucked into them, and giving them powers (appropriate to their story/history/belief system/etc) to pursue vengeance.

This wouldn't be no happy-horseshit like Quantum Leap, either. No "You have to solve the problem or you'll be stuck forever in that body" nonsense. Sometimes they'd fail. Spectre's punishment is that he'll feel their emotions - he'll learn what it's like to be human, to feel, to care, to succeed, to fail.

Humility, in other words.

And that's how God works.

Note: He won't be confined to one Earth, either. Earth-1 and 2 need The Spirit of Vengeance... and so does Earth-3... just imagine the possibilities.

Wonder Woman and the Justice Society:

In a nutshell, continuity got so rewritten, that Diana ended up as a WW2 era character on Earth-2.

Why? Why the hell not? It's a great story - Nazis. Evil WW2 villains. Greek mythology. It all goes very well together.

Especially since she'll start out as an ally of Germany. She'll whoop up on Superman, and leave him for dead. The JSA will go after her, and show her the error of her ways, and she'll join them against the evil of the Axis powers.

We'd throw in the old Marvel family Nazi era villains, too. And use a bunch of the DCU ones. Lots of cameos by the All-Star Squadron and Seven Soldiers of Victory and whomever else we could think of.

This could be a lot of fun.


last updated: 7/23/07