I Was a Teenaged Evil OverLord

(Or, "Everything I Needed To Know, I Learned While Conquering The Earth")

IWATEOL is a tongue-in-cheek story about Christopher Cole Church, the youngest man to ever take over the world in modern times.  Under the moniker YLAM, he does what Hitler, Idi Amin, Jerry Falwell and Alexander Williams all wished they could have done. 

Granted, his reign only lasted 17 days... but hey, it's still impressive.

Written as a tell-all by YLAM, this book shows the early life of a young man and gives us some insight into what makes a super-villain. 

This is my NaNoWriMo 2007 project.  (And on November 24th, I reached the 50K goal.  The story is not yet done, but I did stop at that point.  In early 2008, Poo Bah is my priority project, but finishing this will be #2. 

There will also be a tie-in page, an in-character forum/community Free YLAM

March 30, 2009: Just a little update to say that this story has not been forgotten - not by a long shot.  The priority story this year is Poo Bah, and then whatever I decide to do for NaNo at the end of the year... but IWATEOL is not forgotten, not by a long shot. 

last updated - 03.30.2009