short stories


Here's a listing, or perhaps just a sampling, of some short stories I've written.  Most, you will find, will either thought to be fleshed out or part of a series or some form of greater story.  For whatever reason(s), I just have trouble thinking in a small story format.

However, here they are, in their glory...

The Sound of Thunder - Part western, part superhero story (it works, trust me), this is the introduction of how "Lightning" John met "Wild" Bill Hickock.  It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

The Wrestling Wrap - A dark story in the form of an interview, this is about a young man turned professional wrestler, and the demons he wrestles with.  Okay, so I went for the easy pun.  Deal.

The Price of Valor - Ooooh, a new short story.  (Aug 2010)

More to come as they're written/transcribed/found.   Note: Just found a box with a bunch of stories.... gotta figure out how to scan them in or type them in by hand. :P  Addendum - I've since re-lost those stories and am looking for them again. 

last updated: 8/10/10